The Destructive Six were the protagonists of the Green Ranger series until the final episode when they were shown to be in the wrong for attacking

perfectly harmless industries, and staging an attack on the city hall.

The group consisted of its ringleader, TJ Detweiler, Vince La Salle, Gus Griswald, Ashley Spinelli, Gretchen Grundler, and Mikey Blumburg.

Their BeginningsEdit

The group was founded when TJ Detweiler was ousted from The Dominion because he disagreed with their ideas, and convinced his parents to become democrats. They didn't want anyone standing for the "common people" in their group so their only choice was to oust TJ Detweiler.

Ashley Spinelli was also ousted from the dominion for being a "tomboy", but still retained her nickname, Ashley S but made some modifications to her nickname and developed her superhero alter ego, Ashley Sinister, and soon joined forces with TJ Detweiler, and Gretchen Grundler, a "mad scientist" who was ousted from the scammers for creating inventions that could stop them.

Mikey Blumburg, and Gus Griswald joined the Destructive six because neither the dominion or the scammers would accept them, and Vince La Salle decided to ditch the scammers, and join the destructive six because he disagreed with the ideas of the scammers.

The new group then swore to stop the dominion, and the scammers, and all their related plans to subjugate the common people.

Superhero Status, and Eventual DownfallEdit

The Destructive Six realized they were all superheros, and their alter egos were as such.

TJ Detweiler was The Green Ranger, aka Captain Melonhead

Vince La Salle was Quick Kid

Gus Griswald was General Tender

Ashley Spinelli was Ashley Sinister

Gretchen Grundler was The Mad Scientist

Mikey Blumberg was The Supersonic Scream

As superheros their first target was the scammers, and they maintained a loose alliance with the Dominion, and they managed to use the resources and influence of the dominion to get information on the location of many oil wells, and polluting industries, and even some large fraud schemes in the town. The Destructive Six then invaded these facilities, and arrested their owners, and brought them out to the police. They even got the clique dubbbed the Scammers expelled from school.

Their luck changed when they decided that the dominion was their target, and destroyed businesses owned by parents of Dominion, and even got teachers and school administrators fired. They even decided to invade a fusion power plant owned by Ashley Armbruster's father, David Armbruster. They successfully infiltrated the facility by using a bulldozer the dubbed the Destructimobile by crashing through the fence. They then reached the reactor core, and after defeating the ninja guards they locked David Armbruster in the closet. Angered that this invention would make David Armbruster and ultimately Ashley Armbruster more well known. They created a plan to shut down the reactor permanently. When the reactor was shut down they escaped, and during lunch the followng day they poured greasoline all over the dominion members, and declared that they were even.

Their display of force drew too much attention, and TJ Detweiler was arrested, and the destructive six were no longer considered superheros, but were now considered organized criminals, and they were all sentenced to prison for trespassing, willful destruction of property, aggrivated battery, destrustion of a government property, tampring with a neuclear facility, grand theft bulldozer, and assault on an elected official.

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