Menlo Wright is the ringleader of the Dominion, and

is the son of one of the teachers, and has no superhero alter ego.

He is in the top 30 students in his class, and he is a well known musician and entertainer in the town. He succeeded Ashley Spinelli to Grand Domineer (ringleader of the dominion) after she was ousted from both The Ashleys and the dominion.

He was targeted by the Destructive Six mostly because he was the ringleader of the dominion which did not care for the common people, and he was also in favor of expanding industry and business in the town, and he even tried to get Ashley Spinelli expelled from school, and was only one petition signature away from that.

He studied music, drama and puppetry intently, and was dubbed the "Puppeteer" by his fellow students, and was at the head of the lunch table opposite Ashley A when the oil was dumped onto the dominion by Captain Melonhead, and he was not touched by the oil whilst Ashley A took the brunt of the oil. After the capture of the Captain Melonhead, he has the destructive six expelled from school forever. He was one of the most popular kids in school and then became a local star along with Ashley Quinlan in his senior year.

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