Ashley Armbruster is daughter of nuclear physicist,

David Armbruster. She was was in the top 30 students in her class, and destined to be a neuclear physicist herself. She was extremely involved in the school's cheering squad, and was ringleader of The Ashleys, a subclique of The Dominion.

She is known by the name Ashley A, and is not a superhero. She can never keep a long term relationship, and she has a new significant other for every week. She won Teen Miss Harlowtown, succeeding Ashley Spinelli.

She then became targeted by the destructive six as her father built an experimental fusion power plant, and TJ Detweiler aka Captain Melonhead poured greasoline all over the members of the dominion, causing them severe acne that lasted for more than a month.

Following the capture of the destructive six at the end of freshman year, she became head cheerleader, and won the Teen Miss Harlowtown pagent for another term as Teen Miss Harlowtown. She helped promote the benefits of clean energy, and by the middle of her sophomore year David Armbruster started the operation of his new energy infrastructure in harlowtown, and Ashley Armbruster was given the key to the city in honor of her invention of a system that allowed for charging electric vehicles in the downtown parking lots.

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